Andy Jones interview


Earlier in the year we caught up with Andy Jones, Professor of Applied Physiology at Exeter University, regarding his latest research into dietary nitrate supplementation. Watch the full length interview below, to scroll down for the individual questions. If you prefer, we also have the full transcript.


Q1: Where did a passion for Exercise and Sport Science start for you?


Qu 2: In your career you’ve worked with elite athletes such as Paula Radcliffe. What other interests in sport do you have?


Q3: Many people know you as “@AndyBeetroot” online – why was beetroot the chosen vegetable?



Q4: Why do you use concentrated beetroot shots rather than beetroot juice or just the vegetables themselves?


Q5: What are the main physiological outcomes of consuming natural nitrate for sports performance?


Q6: Do the physiological mechanisms [of dietary nitrate] differ with different durations or different types of sport?


Q7: Is there an optimal dose and duration of taking nitrate supplementation?


Q8: Is there any research that leads to the effects of natural nitrates for exercise recovery?



Q9: What athlete/sport type would you most like to get in the lab for experiments into dietary nitrate supplementation?



Q10: Can any athlete, regardless of their discipline, get a benefit from using natural nitrate supplementation?



Q11: Is there any evidence to say that concentrated beetroot juice could be beneficial for ultra-endurance athletes?



Q12: What has been the most interesting finding from your research during 2016?


Q13: What can we expect to find from your dietary nitrate research in 2017 and beyond?

Q14: Can you see any medical applications from your research into dietary nitrate?