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Vodka Distilleries in the United Kingdom

Big Tom is a fabulous spicy tomato juice and together with a dash of vodka is famous for making the ultimate Bloody Mary. Vodka is excitingly being made by an increasing number of distilleries in the United Kingdom and we have decided to place all distillers on a map, to enable you to explore alternative vodka options to help you create the best Bloody Mary ever….every time! This list is intended to include all vodka distilleries in the United Kingdom, but please do let us know if we have missed anyone out.

East Midlands

Union Distillers, Market Harborough

Founded back in 2013, Union Distillers was created by engineer and spirits enthusiast Mark Gamble. Often found tinkering away in his workshop, it was only a matter of time before these two loves combined – and so ‘Gerard’, their very first, bespoke copper still was built.
Known for their popular London Dry Gin, Union Distillers have now moved into producing Birds English Vodka – a combination of barley and sugar beet spirit!

Visit Union Distillers, Market Harborough website

RK Vodka, Northamptonshire

RK Vodka is made from Suffolk sugar beet, distilled once in copper pot stills in Northamptonshire.

Visit RK Vodka, Northamptonshire website

East of England

James White Drinks, Ashbocking

Adnams, Southwold

Adnams make amazing beers and spirits from grain-to-glass in their coastal home of Southwold. Widely known for their award-winning beers and spirits, such as Adnams Longshore Vodka, Adnams East Coast Vodka and Adnams Rye Hill Vodka.

Visit Adnams, Southwold website

Old Vodka, Stevenage

Old Vodka is a family-owned and run business, based in the heart of the beautiful Hertfordshire countryside.

Visit Old Vodka, Stevenage website

Wild Knight Vodka Distillery, Beachamwell

Wild Knight Distillery create authentic, premium spirits with real provenance and personality. Their Wild Knight® ultra-premium English vodka is single distilled by hand in small batches from the finest Norfolk barley for a deliciously smooth vodka with no harshness or burn.

Visit Wild Knight Vodka Distillery, Beachamwell website

55 Above Ltd, Brentwood

55 Above are a small, independent distiller established in 2014 with the vision of producing exceptional quality, handcrafted vodkas in small batches using traditional copper pot distilling methods. Whether you’re after a vodka that is packed with character or an infusion with a light and refreshing aroma, 55 Above have the perfect balance between sophistication and quality, which gives them the ability to produce spirits that truly are exceptional.

Visit 55 Above Ltd, Brentwood website

Suffolk Distillery, Sudbury

The Suffolk Distillery blend the science of modern distillation with traditional methods. The result is a range of gins that celebrates the heritage of distillation artistry but embraces bold new flavours. From locally grown strawberries to pure Suffolk honey and rhubarb grown on the banks of the River Stour, they strive to include the essence of honest Suffolk rural life in every bottle.

Visit Suffolk Distillery, Sudbury website

English Spirit Master Distillers, Halstead

Since 2011, English Spirt have been distilling spirits with an accumulated an unrivalled wealth of distilling experience, working tirelessly to innovate the field of distilling and produce award winning spirits that are truly world class. Their SEAX VODKA is single distilled and unfiltered, which means they keep all the goodness of the signature ingredient. This means a luxurious, smooth and creamy sip, with big notes of vanilla and cream soda.

Visit English Spirit Master Distillers, Halstead website

Jelley's Distillery, Brixworth

Jelley's Premium British Organic Vodkas are a celebration of the English countryside, distilled in Northamptonshire using premium, organically-grown grain. Lovingly distilled and filtered to maximise natural fresh flavours!

Visit Jelley's Distillery, Brixworth website


Sipsmith, London

Sipsmith is a microdistillery located in London. It is the first copper-pot distillery to open within Greater London' in nearly two centuries. Sipsmith Sipping Vodka is distilled from the finest 100% wheat spirit and distilled on copper for added purity, they have no need to filter, add glycerine, fructose, or any aromatisers. This is a pure and unadulterated vodka, designed to be sipped.

Visit Sipsmith, London website

London Vodka, London

The London Vodka Distillery was founded in 2015. They produce a smooth and sustainable Vodka, locally from their Hackney home. They take the best quality local ingredients and a unique process, originally used in wine production, resulting in a smooth vodka with citrus, floral and pine aromatics. The essential vodka for any great cocktail!

Visit London Vodka, London website

Bimber Distillery, London

Based in London, Bimber Distillery combines a distilling heritage with passion and innovation, to produce a premium, handcrafted single malt whisky and spirits. Their Summer fruits vodka is distilled four times and uses only the finest fruit. Rich with strawberries, blueberries, redcurrant and raspberries. Summer fruits vodka packs no less than half a kilo of real summer fruits into every bottle! Free from artificial additives and artificial colour - just pure, natural premium taste.

Visit Bimber Distillery, London website

Sacred Spirits Company, London

Sacred Spirits is a family-run distillery based in Highgate, London. They use vacuum distillation and organically sourced botanicals to produce incomparable gins, vodkas, whiskies, vermouths & aperitifs!

Visit Sacred Spirits Company, London website

East London Liquor Company, London

East London Liquor Company produces a grain vodka is produced using 100% British wheat spirit, distilled in their state-of-the-art copper pot still. Their 100% British Wheat Vodka offers a creamy mouthfeel and faint anise aftertaste!

Visit East London Liquor Company, London website

Villages Brewery, London

Villages Brewery is a micro-brewery based in Deptford, London, set up by brothers Archie and Louis Village. Their Wilkinson English Vodka is Triple Distilled to produce this unique, fine, smooth Vodka with a malt profile.

Visit Villages Brewery, London website

Doghouse Distillery

Doghouse Distillery is an independent grain distillery located in Battersea, London. Doghouse has a full micro-brewery, 3 rectification columns (a total height of 21m) and a 1500 litre copper pot still.

Visit Doghouse Distillery website

North East

Poetic License Distillery, Sunderland

Poetic License Distillery is a small independent distillery located in the North East of England, with a wide range of unusual and quirky gins. Their Graceful Vodka is a gloriously smooth spirit - distilled 7 times for purity, while preserving its subtle taste.

Visit Poetic License Distillery, Sunderland website

Durham Distillery, Durham

Durham Distillery is a small-batch craft distillery based on the outskirts of historic and beautiful Durham City. They are widely known for their gin and vodka products, which were launched in 2014 - Durham Vodka is triple distilled and slow filtered in small batches and made with Durham spring water and pure grain spirit!

Visit Durham Distillery, Durham website

North West

Liverpool Gin Distillery, Liverpool

The Whitley and Neill families have been involved in the creation of fine spirits since 1762, using the very best ingredients from around the world. The family were well-known for cultivating their gardens and searching the hedgerows for thrilling new flavours, indigenous to the countryside. Inspired by the glorious English countryside, J.J Whitley’s range includes London Dry Gin, Elderflower Gin, Pink Cherry and Violet Gin, along with Potato Vodka, and Rhubarb Vodka.

Visit Liverpool Gin Distillery, Liverpool website

The Lakes Distillery, Cockermouth

The Lakes Distillery, established in 2011, nestles on the north shore of Bassenthwaite Lake and their majestic surroundings. The Lakes Vodka is an ultra smooth vodka with a distinctive character and a clean, crisp finish. Patiently distilled in our handmade copper pot still, the prolonged exposure with the copper creates a full-bodied and exceptionally smooth spirit with a light sweetness. 

Visit The Lakes Distillery, Cockermouth website

Weetwood Distillery, Cheshire

Weetwood Distillery based in Cheshire, produce small batch spirits. From their fermentation vessels to the German copper still custom-built to their precise design, nothing has been overlooked - they produce a triple distilled, silky smooth Cheshire Vodka!

Visit Weetwood Distillery, Cheshire website

Brindle Distillery, Chorley

Brindle Distillery control the entire process, being hands-on at every stage to create truly artisan spirits made with the kind of dedication, care and passion you’ll only find down on Holmes Farm.

Their Spring Vodka is a no-nonsense Northern Spirit that celebrates their amazing spring water down on Holmes Farm. Crystal clear, neutral and smooth its the perfect ingredient when blended with 100% British Wheat Spirit distilled in the North West of England!

Visit Brindle Distillery, Chorley website

Batch Distillery, Burnley

Batch Distillery production began in the basement of a terraced house in Burnley, Lancashire. They are still based in the same town but now distil their spirits in a renovated mill.

Apprentice's Vodka is distilled by Batch's Apprentice, under the watchful eye of their Head Distiller, this vodka is extremely smooth and showcases an up and coming talent!

Visit Batch Distillery, Burnley website

Northern Ireland

Boatyard Distillery, Enniskillen

The Boatyard Distillery is an award winning farm-to-bottle distillery located on the banks of Lough Erne in north west Ireland. Founder, Joe McGirr, has utilised his background in spirits and whisky knowledge to build his dream of the first legal distillery in Fermanagh in over 130 years! Boatyard Vodka is not filtered at all, as they believe this allows you to enjoy the unique flavour of our Irish grain vodka in the way that they intended it – pure and unedited.

Visit Boatyard Distillery, Enniskillen website


Arbikie Highland Estate Distillery, Arbroath

The Arbikie Highland Estate Distillery is a genuinely single-site, field to bottle operation. The ingredients for the Arbikie spirits are sown, grown and harvested in the landscape beside the distillery. The water, filtered through the Scottish mountains is taken directly from Arbikie’s underground lake. Arbikie Chilli Vodka uses home grown chipotle chillies and combines the smokiness of the chipotle with the earthiness of potato vodka to create a perfect blend of spice and flavour.

Visit Arbikie Highland Estate Distillery, Arbroath website

Ogilvy Spirits, Angus

Ogilvy’s potatoes grow a short tractor ride from where they’re transformed into vodka. Everything is undertaken on their own farm to form a small-batch local liquor of international quality. Their Scottish Potato Vodka is warm and welcoming, smooth and sweet. Its neutral essence makes it a great option for cocktails and a natural choice for the gluten-intolerant. Yet it’s a smart pick for anyone wishing to try a vodka that offers purity of palate alongside hidden depths of flavour.

Visit Ogilvy Spirits, Angus website

Blackford Craft Distillery, Inverurie

Blackford Craft Distillery is a family-run, micro distillery based out of a 19th century steading in Blackford, in the eastern Highlands. their award-winning Scottish Vodka is distilled with locally foraged apples, heather honey and heather blossom.

Visit Blackford Craft Distillery, Inverurie website

Glasgow Distillery, Glasgow

Embracing the pioneering spirit of Scotland’s first licensed distillers, The Glasgow Distillery Company adopts its name from one of Glasgow’s original distilleries. Their G52 Botanical Vodka is handcrafted using a range of carefully considered botanicals in order to create a complex and sophisticated spirit, boasting 100% natural ingredients with no artificial flavours, sweeteners or colourants.

Visit Glasgow Distillery, Glasgow website

Dunnet Bay Distillers, Dunnet

Dunnet Bay Distillery is the UK mainland's most northerly distillery. Their Holy Grass Vodka is a celebration of local produce and botanicals, the spirit is infused with a carefully crafted vapour of Highland apple juice, to complement the sweetness of the Holy Grass.

Visit Dunnet Bay Distillers, Dunnet website

NB Distillery, North Berwick

NB Distillery is a multi-award winning distillery based in North Berwick, Scotland. NB London Dry Citrus Vodka is unexpectedly dry and smooth, distilled with lemon, coriander seed and cassia bark.

Visit NB Distillery, North Berwick website

Tayport Distillery, Tayport

Tayport Distillery produces award winning spirits using locally sourced botanicals, fruit and grain. to make their Malted barley Vodka, they developed a chilled filtration system using activated charcoal. They slowly filter over several days carefully refining the spirit until they get the perfect flavour and character in the vodka. This is a back to base Vodka, showcasing Scotland can also make great vodka.

Visit Tayport Distillery, Tayport website

South East

Chapel Down, Tenterden

Chapel Down produces sparkling and still wines from grapes grown across the South East of England, as well as a range of premium spirits. Their Chapel Down Chardonnay Vodka is an award-winning vodka, produced from distilled Chardonnay grape skins from the Chapel Down grape harvest.

Visit Chapel Down, Tenterden website

Blackdown Distillery, Petworth

The original Sussex producer of Vodka, Gin, Vermouth & Spirits; nestled in the foothills of Blackdown Hills, surrounded by the beauty of the Southdowns National Park, Blackdown Spirits are handcrafted at Lurgashall Winery using only carefully hand selected ingredients sourced from the surrounding area. Blackdown Sussex Vodka is a clear, bright liquid, with a delicate nose and a hint of sweetness. Extra smooth, it is creamy and elegant to taste.

Visit Blackdown Distillery, Petworth website

Copper Rivet Distillery, Chatham

The Copper Rivet Distillery is an exciting and dynamic new Medway based craft distillery. Vela Vodka is delightfully distinctive and full of complexity. Crafted in small batches, they hand select only the best early harvest Kentish wheat, barley and rye, which is carefully distilled before being charcoal filtered for their vodka. The result is a delightfully distinctive drink full of flavour and complex in character.

Visit Copper Rivet Distillery, Chatham website

Anno Distillery, Tonbridge

Anno Distillers is a multi award winning artisan gin, spirits and distillery. Anno Elderflower & Vodka is wonderfully fresh spirit drink with an exceptional smoothness and beautiful aromatic bouquet of Kentish elderflowers.

Visit Anno Distillery, Tonbridge website

Gorilla Spirits Co, Basingstoke

Based in the north east corner of Hampshire as it borders with Surrey, Gorilla Spirits Co.’s distillery in Upton Grey is where they make their small-batch, award-winning spirits – all while donating £1 to The Gorilla Organization for every bottle they sell. Blackback Mountain Strength Vodka is made from 100% British Wheat and pot-still finished their vodka has a silky mouthfeel and creamy texture with notes of warm spice and a long, delicately sweet finish.

Visit Gorilla Spirits Co, Basingstoke website

Isle of Wight Distillery, Isle of Wight

Isle of Wight Distillery is the only distillery on the Island, licensed in 2014 by long term friends Xavier Baker and Conrad Gauntlett. Their Mermaid Salt Vodka is grain distilled, with a subtle addition of rock sea salt for smoothness. Each batch is hand-crafted using their column still and then blended with Isle of Wight spring water in small batches.

Visit Isle of Wight Distillery, Isle of Wight website

The Oxford Artisan Distillery Ltd, Oxford

Oxford's first craft distillery and Britain's first certified organic grain-to-glass distillery. Their double award-winning Oxford Rye Organic Vodka is a smooth 100% organic rye vodka with subtle hints of spice and warm caramel.

Visit The Oxford Artisan Distillery Ltd, Oxford website

Spirit of the Downs, Sussex

Spirit of the Downs produce premium handmade Sussex Vodka made from award-winning English Sparkling wine grapes - distilled using Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier grapes grown in middle of the South Downs. 

Visit Spirit of the Downs, Sussex website

Winchester Distillery, Alresford

Nestling at the western end of the South Downs Way, surrounded by the rolling Hampshire countryside, clear chalk streams and watercress beds for which the county is known, you will find Winchester Distillery. To make their unique vodka they add freshly grated wasabi and six other botanicals to British grain spirit and leave to macerate. This mixture is then redistilled in their copper pot to create a clear, finely balanced vodka full of flavour and spice. Their vodka is wonderful used as the base for a Big Tom Bloody Mary or served with tonic for an aromatic and refreshing long drink.

Visit Winchester Distillery, Alresford website

Silent Pool Distillery, Guilford

Using only the finest botanicals from nature, Silent Pool Distillery strive to capture the essence and sprawling beauty of the Surrey Hills, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It is hugely important to the company that every stage is overseen with precision, knowledge and exceptional care.

Award-winning WRY Vodka uses 100% Rye grain spirit re-distilled with a small amount of rye malt to add a sweet, creamy mouth-feel.

Visit Silent Pool Distillery, Guilford website

South West

Black Cow, Beaminster

Black Cow is the smoothest Vodka made entirely from the milk of grass-fed cows on England's West Dorset Coast. 

Visit Black Cow, Beaminster website

Colwith Farm Distillery, Lostwithiel

Colwith Farm Distillery is Cornwall's first plough to bottle distillery. Due to the variety of crops being grown on Colwith Farm, and the complexity of the equipment in the distillery, a plethora of premium spirits can be lovingly crafted from one site. Aval Dor (Cornish for potato) Vodka is crafted from King Edward potatoes - this delicious vodka has won a silver medal in the 2019 San Francisco World’s Best Vodka awards!

Visit Colwith Farm Distillery, Lostwithiel website

Ramsbury Brewing & Distilling Co, Marlborough

Ramsbury Brewing & Distilling is made up of over 19000 acres of North East Wiltshire, West Berkshire and North Hampshire the home farms are centred on the beautiful village of Ramsbury. Their Single Estate Spirit uses wheat, grown on their quintessential estate in the ancient Wiltshire landscape. That’s at the heart of the unique flavour profile of their single estate vodka. Every bottle’s heritage is traceable back to its single field of origin. It’s crafted vodka with an English accent.

Visit Ramsbury Brewing & Distilling Co, Marlborough website

Curio Distillery, Helston

Curio is produced in Mullion, deep in west Cornwall. Curio vodkas are born from a love of natural flavours and a desire to exceed expectations, triple distilled vodka; Curio produce a Cardamom Vodka and Cocoa Nib Vodka.

Visit Curio Distillery, Helston website

SCDogs Distillery, Scilly Island

SCDogs Distillery, a brand new producer of rum and vodka based on St Martin's on the Isles of Scilly. The Spirit of Capt'n Stevens - Vodka, is crafted in small batches using a double distillation process and bottled on their farm, SC Dogs Vodka is an authentically pure, clean spirit with a tang of the sea.

Visit SCDogs Distillery, Scilly Island website

Fowey Valley, Fowey

Established in 2012, Fowey Valley Cider have come in leaps and bounds creating some of the finest vintage cider and now, an equally stunning vodka.

Small Batch Foy Vodka from the makers of Castledore and Fowey Valley Vintage Cider. Made in Golant, Cornwall.

Visit Fowey Valley, Fowey website


Penderyn Distillery, Aberdare

Penderyn Distillery produces award-winning single malt whiskies and spirits in the foothills of the magnificent Brecon Beacons in South Wales. FIVE Vodka is a premium 43% abv vodka made with using water from the Brecon Beacons National Park. It is distilled five times for maximum purity. Vodka may be charcoal filtered but FIVE is so pure it doesn’t need any further filtration.

Visit Penderyn Distillery, Aberdare website

West Midlands

The Chase Distillery, Hereford

Chase Distillery, Ltd. is a family owned, single-estate distillery, creating fine spirits since 2008 from the produce grown on our farm in Herefordshire. Chase Original Potato Vodka, a truly British vodka, has exquisite quality and real provenance, with 250 glorious British potatoes in every bottle! Awarded ‘World’s Best Tasting Vodka’ at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition

Visit The Chase Distillery, Hereford website

Henstone Distillery, Owestry

Henstone Distillery - Distilling fabulous gin, vodka, whisky, brandy, bourbon and rum in Shropshire. Their charcoal filtered Vodka is distilled using a base of wheat together with their own barley spirit. It’s then charcoal filtered resulting in superbly smooth vodka!

Visit Henstone Distillery, Owestry website

Tranquil Still, Market Drayton

Tranquil Still is a small distillery set in a rural location near the town of Market Drayton in north Shropshire, close to the Staffordshire and Welsh borders. Tranquil Still Vodka is flavoursome & peppery and is distilled from their own gin. They take selected portions from our gin distillation processes and reserve them for later redistillation into this tasty and special vodka with a wonderfully subtle complexity of flavours.

Visit Tranquil Still, Market Drayton website

Yorkshire and the Humber

Masons Yorkshire Gin Distillery, Leeming Bar

Masons Yorkshire Vodka is hand distilled in a small copper still named Steve on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in Bedale. Made from the very best grain they take the heart of the distillation, our Yorkshire Vodka has a clean, fresh taste and a strong sense of character. It's the Yorkshire Spirit that everyone loves.

Visit Masons Yorkshire Gin Distillery, Leeming Bar website

Hotham's, Hull

Hotham’s Distillery is located in Hepworth’s Arcade, in the Old Town of Hull. Distilled 7 times in both column and alembic pot stills, Hotham's Cardamom and Orange Botanical Vodka is the first in their limited edition series.

Visit Hotham's, Hull website

Sloe Motion Ltd, York

Founded in 2002, Sloemotion is an artisan spirits distillery based at Green Farm, in the village of Barton-le-Willows, just north of York. Hedgerow Botanical Vodka is hand made in small batches with their own hedgerow-foraged botanicals, including crab apple, rosehip & elderflower; they have created an exciting new drink that blurs the lines between gin and vodka and unites them both in the subtle botanical taste.

Visit Sloe Motion Ltd, York website

True North Brew Co, Sheffield

True North Brew Co, the creators of Sheffield Dry Gin, Sheffield Vodka, and a range of beers, operates 12 venues across Sheffield, Barnsley and Derbyshire.

Utilising pure water from the Peak District, Sheffield Vodka is crafted in a small batch copper pot still and lightly infused with lemon peel, cracked black pepper and Sheffield Honey for an original taste.

Visit True North Brew Co, Sheffield website