GB Aquathlon Team Captain - Yiannis Christodoulou

Yiannis Christodoulou

Yiannis Christodoulou is a professional Aquathlon athlete, representing Great Britain in the European and World Aquathlon Championships (Age Group) GB Aquathlon Team Captain

I use Beet It Sport because I like the taste and it also has performance gains which means I can push harder in training
— Yiannis Christodoulou

How did you get involved in aquathlon?

I first started running in 2012 and after watching the Olympics, I was inspired to try a triathlon, after running was no longer challenging enough. In 2015 I was in the process of getting married but didn’t have the time to train for the triathlons so I decided to go into aquathlons, as I was quite a strong swimmer and runner.

Growing up, who was your all time inspirational athlete?

Growing up my inspirational athlete was Michael Johnson he was just amazing back then. I wasn’t really into athletics etc when I was younger.

Best achievement in aquathlon so far?

3rd in the European Championships (Age Group) has to be my best accomplishment. I never expected it and I had to run very hard. I had to sprint the last 400m to go past two people. I found something that day I never had before. It was an amazing experience and I will never forget it. I would tell people to keep pushing until they finish.

Photo taken by Jason Dodd

Photo taken by Jason Dodd

Why did you choose aquathlon rather than triathlon or duathlon?

Because I didn’t have the time to train on the bike. But you never know what this year has instore for me.

Aspirations in aquathlon?

To go better each year, last yeah I podium-ed 8 out of 10 races and finished 6th at the World Championships, 2nd at the Nationals and was selected as the AG World Championships team captain. This year I am to place higher at the European and World Championships and to win the national championships.

What motivates you to train and compete harder?

Its easy, to look back on what I have achieved in such a small time which motivates me to keep improving and try to better myself.

If you could be a professional athlete in another sport, which sport and why?

Formula one if that counts? I have always liked Formula one and being a Ferrari driver would be a dream come true.

What are your top three sport nutrition tips?

Top nutrition tips are don’t over eat the night before a race, never change anything up the day on the race. Drink plenty of water and I mean plenty.

How did you hear about Beet It Sport?

I started using the Beet It 1 litre cartons about 3 years go and loved the taste. I was introduced to this by a triathlete.

Photo taken by Jason Dodd

Photo taken by Jason Dodd