Pro Cyclist - Alex Richardson

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I think Beet It Sport are great products which are genuinely beneficial to people, therefore I am behind it!
— Alex Richardson

How did you get involved in cycling?

A friend of mine competed in a local criterium race and convinced me it was a good idea to go and give it a try. I competed and came 2nd place and it was great fun. Since then I have been hooked on improving. I get a very similar feeling and buzz when I race now.


Who is your all-time inspirational athlete and why?

I think the most impressive athletes are those who have an ability to remain calm and well balanced in their approach to sport, in their lives in general and even if that’s hard to tell from the outside. It is something I have struggled with at times so aspire to. For that reason I have two; Chris Froome and Roger Federer. 


What has been your greatest achievement in cycling?

Winning Lincoln 2018 it in the way I did was a good one, although I achieved many milestones in 2018 in the sport, so wouldn’t like to relate to just the one!



What is your biggest motivation to keep pushing your limits of performance?

I am fascinated to keep improving physiology. I have stopped comparing myself to others and find that making achievable goals is always a motive. Being at the front of good bike races is also up there - I like winning.

Can you explain what a typical training week entails to compete at the highest level in cycling?

Typically 18-20 hours of cycling; around 12-14 hours of which involve high intensity content.


What advice do you have for someone who is considering taking up cycling seriously?

Be very careful when you start to feel tired for days in a row. Always listen to your body - you are the only one who really knows how you feel. You need to push yourself hard to improve and if you’re too tired to do that, or have the will to, then you’re better off taking an extra days rest. 

What are your aspirations for cycling in 2019?

To perform consistently well in UCI races and ideally win one.


What are your top three nutrition tips?

Never go too hungry (carbohydrate is the key), allow yourself treats and be realistic.


 How has Beet It Sport helped your cycling performance?

The research is very positive in terms of gains in performance and in relation to the dilation of blood vessels. I also use it regularly as part of a well-balanced diet.


 Anything additional you would like to say about Beet It Sport?

I have always recommended Beet It Sport to friends, even before being an ambassador. I have little to no interest in supporting or associating with brands that I do not believe in ethically, or that do not serve health or performance purpose. I think Beet It Sport are great products which are genuinely beneficial to people, therefore I am behind it. Ketones for example I think are overrated in full!