Matthew Melling - The Wigan Runner

Photo credit: @Skphotoart

Photo credit: @Skphotoart

Since January 2017, Matthew has ran 5km every day to raise money for various charities, including the Oddballs Foundation, who raise awareness for Testicular Cancer. Matthew has ran for over 1,000 consecutive days and so far has raised over £22,000 for charity.

Beet It Sport makes me feel healthier and more energetic in daily life and routine as part of a balanced diet
— Matthew Melling - The Wigan Runner

When did you get involved in running?

1005 Days ago to be exact! That’s when my Run Streak started and since then I have ran 5 km or more every day in 21 countries... however I had run before that!

What has been your greatest achievement in running?

There are so many to mention in this journey so far… I would say it’s raising money and reaching the goals for community projects and charities is when I really feel like I’m achieving something. Firstly when we raised the £2,500 for a Van to Help The Homeless and then when we raised £15,000 for the Wigan Dodgeball Warriors to travel to the 2018 Dodgeball World Cup in New York - all through running and the kindness of the public!  

The milestones I have reached, such as 1000 consecutive days of 5km running per day, has been a big achievement. I was increasingly feeling more pressure from people contacting me whilst trying my best to stay focused on one day at a time.

The first year getting to 365 days was quite emotional. I realised whilst running through Iceland at -12 degrees with just a t-shirt and thin rain coat on! That was when I realised I was capable of much more and I wanted to make this my life / job / career…

What is your biggest motivation to keep running 5km every day?

Taking one day at a time and planning the next run. The support I get is just mind blowing every single day and when someone tells me I’ve inspired them I think they wouldn’t be inspired if stopped or made an excuse!

Can you tell about the fundraising you have done and for which charity?

I have raised over £22,000 so far in the last 12 month’s, or should I say about 365 days of the 1005 km. My main focus is to raise money for charity and community projects. So far I have raised money for the Oddballs Foundation, Testicular Cancer Awareness and we run to remember a submariner who helped my uncle Harry through a tough time.

Matthew Melling finishing the Wigan Marathon with his Uncle Harry- day 806

Matthew Melling finishing the Wigan Marathon with his Uncle Harry- day 806

Which 5km run has been the most memorable and why?

This is such a hard question to answer as there are so many!

It is probably the ones where I’ve been on my own late at night when I nearly stopped or gave up because of injury or illness. On Day 80 someone threw eggs at me while running and at first I was angry but looking back it made me more stronger and determined to not let it stop me!

On Day 186 we raised the money required for a van to help the homeless. It was special as for such a long time I had said I wouldn’t stop running until we had raised that money needed. Day 365 in Iceland… running in Queens town New Zealand, running in Central Park, New York, Running up the Rocky Steps in Philadelphia, running in Miami, Running in Wigan - there really are so many all over the world to choose from!

Can you explain how, if so, running 5km daily has changed your life?

Running has changed my life in many ways, It’s made me a more positive person and motivated to achieve new things and constantly set new goals. Goals which I could never have imagined previously setting in my life and now I find this my life, my job and career. Running everyday trying to help inspire and help others by finding a way every day. When I started this journey it was a challenge I set myself on January 1st 2017 to run everyday for one month... at the time I wasn’t sure if I would achieve this but I did and when I did I became stronger both physically and mentally. It made me want to push further and it’s been that way every day since. Running has taught me I can do and be what ever I want to be!

What are your aspirations for running in 2019/2020?

To keep running every day and focus on one day at a time while building strong relationships around me to make a positive difference to those around me.

Where would you most like to run a 5km and why?

Probably either Melbourne, Australia, Antarctica or somewhere in North Korea, they are all amazing places in their own right!

How has Beet It Sport helped your running performance?

Beet It Sport makes me feel healthier and more energetic in daily life and routine as part of a balanced diet.

Anything additional you would like to say about Beet It Sport?

Thank you for the opportunity and choosing me as an ambassador for your products.

If there is one thing anyone can take from my journey so far, it should be that anything is possible if you want it to be - if I can do this anyone can!

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Day 279 at Park Run at Haigh Hall

Day 279 at Park Run at Haigh Hall