Ben Gregory - GB decathlete


Ben Gregory is a GB decathlete; 2018 British Champion and Welsh National Record Holder

I use the Beet It Sport shots in the lead up to my decathlon’s. It’s a great mental boost knowing you’re fueling yourself with products that are scientifically proven to enhance performance.
— Ben Gregory

How did you get involved in decathlon?

As a youngster I did all the sports, football, rugby, athletics took up most of my time. Decathlon was a natural progression from turning up at the athletics club and trying everything, I knew I’d one day compete in the multi events. I loved the diversity in the events and something different to get stuck into every day.

Who is your all-time inspirational athlete and why? 

Johnny Wilkinson was a very inspirational sportsman in my eyes. He was a real gent on and off the pitch and his dedication to his craft kicking at every practice to make sure he was the best in the world, paid off and set him apart from the other players. I also love Usain Bolt and the energy he brings to the track. You could tell that he loved to race, loved the sport and for the people loved him.

What has been your greatest achievement in decathlon?

Representing Wales at three Commonwealth Games is my greatest achievement - placing 6th , 6th & 7th respectively. 

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What is your most and least preferred event out of the 10 events in decathlon? 

Best event is the pole vault it’s so much fun, and there’s no other event like it when it’s going really well. Least favoured changes week on week depending on how it’s going in practice.

Can you explain what a typical training week entails tocompete at the highest level in decathlon?  

Fitting in 10 events, conditioning and weight training into 6 days of the week takes its toll on the body. We try to touch on the technical events at least once per week. We will run 3x a week, lift weights 3x per week and fit the other technical in around those key sessions. Recovery is important so one full day off impact, using yoga and Physio during this time to help maximise recovery.

What advice do you have for someone who is considering taking up decathlon? 

My advice would be to plan long term, don’t over train for small short term gains. Little and often for the technical events. Work hard in the gym and for speed on the track there is no substitute for speed in 9/10 events. Don’t avoid hard work on the track the last endurance event still makes up 1/10th of your final score. 


What are your aspirations in decathlon for 2019 and beyond? 

I’d love to keep making Championships representing GB & Wales. Keep enjoying the process & elite sport life and working hard to improve on my national records indoors and outdoors.

What are your top three nutrition tips?

1) More veggies - fill your plate with colourful veg packed with nutrients; 2) Hydrate well in the days leading up to competition.; 3) Always have handy healthy snacks in your training bag help make good decisions when you’re out and about or on the road.

Is there a specific event where you feel Beet It Sport helps your performance the most? 

I use the Beet It Sport shots leading up to my decathlon’s and on game day before the 400 & 1500. All the research shows how it can improve endurance performance. It’s a great mental boost knowing you’re fueling yourself with products that are scientifically proven to enhance performance. I feel great and have fun personal best in the 1500m since using the products along side my training. 

Anything additional you would like to say about Beet It Sport?

It’s great that Beet It Sport have their products in Informed Sport. Showing to athletes they are serious about performance sport and taking Anti-Doping seriously too. I will continue to use these products through out my career. Thanks for the support Beet It 😁