Vittoria Bussi - Professional Cyclist


Vittoria Bussi is an Italian Professional Cyclist who in 2018, set the new Women’s UCI hour record, cycling 48.007 kilometers (29.830 miles), beating the previous record set by Evelyn Stevens in 2016 by 27 meters.

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— Vittoria Bussi

How did you get involved in cycling?

I started cycling in 2013, at the age of 26 years old, during my PhD in Oxford in Pure Math’s. I changed my life turning from a research in Math’s to a professional athlete as in 2012 I lost my father because of a stroke. My father was biggest fan as a child when I practiced athletics. I left athletics with regret to devote myself to university and this broken dream of mine has always remained in me. When my father passed away, I decided it was time to live life without giving up my dreams, this is why I returned to sports. This way, I also felt closer to my father and he became my strength, like living for two people, without regrets and with courage to follow dreams.

Who is your all-time inspirational athlete and why?

I love Time Trial race and I think the strongest athlete in this discipline was Kristin Armstrong, now retired. She is an inspiring athlete and person, a very strong example of how to persist over time to get what we love. Winning 3 gold medals at 3 consecutive Olympics is something that can really inspire.


What has been your greatest achievement in cycling?

I succeeded in breaking the UCI Hour world record in September 2018 with the distance of 48,007km in Mexico.

What is your biggest motivation to keep pushing your limits to exercise performance?

I think that motivation doesn't come just from sport but from life. We cannot think about breaking a World Record just because it will make us a stronger athlete, but the real gift is that it will make us a better person, because it will teach us to investigate and explore in ourselves.

Can you explain what your typical training week entailed whilst training for the UCI Women’s hour record in 2018?

I spent a lot of time in the track obviously, generally 2/3 times a week. Every day before or after a training in the track was a rest or easy day as I wanted to be fresh and motivated for the track. Other typical trainings were gym and longer ride, but no more than 4 hours. I always pursuit quality instead of quantity.


What advice do you have for someone who is considering taking up cycling seriously?

Give time to your body to adapt to cycling. The first 2 years I jumped on a bike I thought my body was not adapt for staying on a bike, but later I found that this was just a question of body adaptation from running to cycling. So, don't give up, it will take a while, but doesn't matter how long it will take if you have fun!

What are your aspirations for cycling in 2019?

I would like to go back to road with TT races as the Hour is beautiful but it leaves you apart from competition. So I will take part to all TT races of the UCI calendar.

What are your top three nutrition tips?

(a) avoid too heavy seasonings, eat as natural as possible, without too many chemical additives.

(b) don't be afraid of carbohydrates

(c) drinking Beet It Sport Nitrate 3000

Anything additional you would like to say about Beet It Sport?

The thing I most like about Beet It Sport is that IT REALLY WORKS! Your performance increase and it is ALL NATURAL.