Triple Olympic swimmer, Hannah Miley

I like using Beet It because its natural based and easy to take. It helps aid my recovery, which allows me to push harder in training and racing. I love adding it to smoothies and pancakes and finding alternative/creative ways to drink/eat it!
— Hannah Miley

Hannah Miley is a Triple Olympic swimmer, having represented Team GB swimming at the Beijing, London and Rio Olympics. Moreover, Hannah is the former Double Commonwealth Champion and European & World champion in individual medley!

Hannah uses Beet It Sport as she believes it helps aid her recovery and allows me to push harder in training and racing.

We caught up with Hannah ahead of her Ambassador role with us in April.

How did you get involved with swimming?
My dad taught me how to swim when I was 3, as I was growing up I found that I was more co-ordinated in water than on land!

Growing up, who was your all time inspirational swimming athlete?
I was totally in awe of Misty Hyman.

What advice would you give to young aspiring swimmers?
My advice would be to be prepared for really early morning starts, tough training sessions and competitions. Swimming can be an unforgiving sport but can also be one of the most rewarding. Not just in performance but in finding friendship, working on goals and revealing your character! A happy swimmer will always be a fast swimmer, if you enjoy what you do then you can take on anything!

What is your preferred distance in individual medley and why?
I prefer the 400m, I find its more endurance based and being a bit of a smaller athlete, I find this works quite well for my size! Also I am not a natural sprinter so the shorter the distance the more the difficult it is for me. If there was an 800m individual medley race I think that would be a perfect race for me!

Outside of swimming, what are your favourite sports to play?
I find I don't get too much time to play other sports but when I do get the chance I love to go rock climbing. I also love watching rugby, figure skating and gymnastics.

Tell us something that most people don't know about you?
At the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow I was the 3rd Scottish female athlete to have successfully defended a Commonwealth Title! Elenor Mckay and Liz McColgan are the other two successful historic female athletes.

Non sport related I used to play the Piano and the Flute.

Triple Olympian after the Beijing, London and Rio Olympic Games! - will we be seeing you at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics?
I have my eye on Tokyo, but each year ill review my progress and make sure that I am still happy and enjoying the journey and able to perform at my best in order to keep pursuing Tokyo. I know I'm not ready to hang up my goggles just yet!

What are your top three sport nutrition tips?

  1. Nothing beats fresh fruit and veg.
  2. Don't feel like you have to cut out foods; replace them with a healthier alternative and maybe give yourself a day where you can treat yourself – I avoid fad diets!
  3. Refuelling post training is just as important as fuelling up before training.

What are your top three training tips?

  1. Listen to your coach – they're there to help you and can see your potential. Communication is key in getting a good balanced training plan for your needs.
  2. You own your sport, no one else does so be true to yourself and be 100% committed.
  3. Don't get stressed over PBs, times, medals etc. Focus on the process!