Rugby League players, Adam & Jordan Walne brothers

Jordan (Left) and Adam (Right) Walne brothers

Jordan (Left) and Adam (Right) Walne brothers

The Walne bros. are English professional super rugby league players. Jordan plays at Hull Kingston Rovers and Adam plays at Huddersfield Giants - both previously played at the Salford Red Devils (pictured).

I use beet it sport to increase my stamina during games, I also feel it aids in my recovery so I drink beet root juice daily. It has definitely boosted my performance in games and I wouldn’t play without it now.
— Jordan Walne
I use Beet it sport because I feel a positive effect on my performance, recovery and wellbeing
— Adam Walne

How did you get involved in rugby league?

Jordan: I first got introduced to rugby league at school when I was 11, one of my friends played for Leyland Warriors at the time and he invited me to come and play for them and I loved it.

Adam: I got involved with rugby league through my school -  Brownedge St Mary’s high school in Bamberbridge, Preston. We had some big lads in our year at school and after enjoying rugby during a PE lesson we asked to start a school team and loved it. 

Do you have an athlete role model who inspired you?

Jordan: I always looked up to Adrian Morley, it was great to get to play alongside him at Salford having watched him as a kid. He led with his actions on the pitch and always turned up to training with a smile on his face.

Adam: When I started out I used to look at players like Adrian Morley and take great inspiration from how they played the game. I got the chance to play with him at Salford at the back end of his career and the way he was as a bloke was also just as inspiring.  

Has there always been sibling rivalry between you both? If so, has this helped you to push yourselves further in sport?

Jordan: Yes there has been rivalry over the years, whether it was playing a board game or having a wrestle in the front room, we always wanted to beat each other and get the bragging rights. I would say that competitive nature has definitely stood me in good stead in sport.

Adam: Me and Jordan have always been competitive in everything we have done growing up, and that brotherly love as it’s called has sometimes resulted in some heated battles and rivalry in our younger days. I think it has definitely been good for us to have had competition growing up, and in terms of rugby that’s what the games all about so I’d say yes it has helped us push ourselves further in the sport.


What advice would you give to a young aspiring rugby league player? 

Jordan: Work hard but most of all enjoy it!

Adam: Believe in yourself and have the work ethic to back it up and things will work out well.

Best rugby league achievement so far?

Jordan: My best rugby league achievement so far is making my super league debut alongside Adam against Huddersfield Giants in 2013.

Adam: I’m still yet to win any major silverware so I’d say being lucky enough to have played superleague alongside my brother Jordan is up there. And also being able to have my family come to watch me play is a great feeling.

Adam Walne pictured

Adam Walne pictured

Aspirations in rugby league for 2018/19 and beyond? 

Jordan: I have had a stop start couple of seasons through injuries so my main focus at the moment is just to get back to playing consistent rugby week in week out. Also just to enjoy my rugby which I am doing at the moment with Hull KR. 

Adam: Aspirations in 2018 and beyond, having joined Huddersfield giants this year I want to make it a good year personally and following on from the previous question it would obviously be nice to get some real achievements under my belt moving forward. 

If you could be a professional athlete in another sport, which sport and why?

Jordan: I would probably play basketball. I always fancied my chances when I was growing up, especially after watching Space Jam or White Men Can’t Jump

Adam: The other sport I always liked in school was basketball so it would be basketball. The only thing is, I always used to get sent off in the school team because of making too much contact with the opposition players and that’s why I was always better off with the rugby.

Jordan Walne pictured

Jordan Walne pictured

Can you give us an insight into your pre-match routine (any type of music, mantras etc.)?

Jordan: I’m not really superstitious to be honest, my main focus pre game is on nutrition and mobility. I always have a foam roll and stretch when I arrive at the ground. I pretty much eat exactly the same foods every week on game day and always drink a Beet it shot.

Adam: My pre-match routine consists of making sure I’ve had a good sleep and the right nutrition which always includes Beet It and making sure my body is prepped and ready to go. Once I’m at the ground it’s just pretty much getting my strapping done and focusing on the job in hand. I don’t like to have certain things that have to be exactly the same each week because that can just create tension if it doesn’t quite work out the same one week.

How did you hear about Beet It Sport?

Jordan: I heard about it through somebody who played at Salford with me and Adam in the academy. He was at university at the time and was doing a study on the effect of beet root juice on performance, he had found really positive results so he recommended it. I have been using it ever since.

Adam: I first heard about Beet It Sport quite a  number of years ago now from a player at Salford who was using it and once I tried it and felt the performance effects I started using the Beet it juice and have continued to use It ever since.

Why do you use Beet It Sport and how has it helped you?

Jordan: I use beet it sport to increase my stamina during games, I also feel it aids in my recovery so I drink beet root juice daily. It has definitely boosted my performance in games and I wouldn’t play without it now.

Adam:  I use Beet it sport because I feel a positive effect on my performance, recovery and wellbeing.