International Rugby player, Richie Gray

I use Beet it because it is a natural way to increase my nitric oxide levels, this for me leads to improved exercise performance.
— Richie Gray

Richie Gray is a Scottish international rugby union player who currently plays his club rugby in France for Toulouse RFC. We caught up with Richie ahead of his month as Beet It Ambassador.

Do you have a nickname other than Richie?
There have been a few but none have really stuck. Thankfully.

How did you get involved with rugby?
My dad is a big golfer so when I was young I played a lot of golf and football. It wasn't until I moved to secondary school that I took up rugby. I wasn't very good at golf or football so I stuck to rugby.

Growing up, who was your all time inspirational rugby player?
Martin Johnson was somebody that I would look up to, somebody who led from the front and was also very successful. A bit closer to home, I really enjoyed watching Simon Taylor for Scotland.

What advice would you give to a young, aspiring rugby player?
Work hard and enjoy it.

Which international and club rugby team do you most look forward to playing and why?
As a Scotsman you always look forward to playing England at Murrayfield. In terms of club, probably Toulon, it's always a tough game but the atmosphere is incredible.

Best rugby achievement so far?
Playing in the final Lions test on the 2013 tour.

What is your favourite aspect of living and playing in France?
The weather. I don't miss the cold and wet winter days back home. From a playing point of view, the league itself, every match is a huge game with a packed stadium.

Tell us something that most people don't know about you?
I have quite bad OCD.

What are your top three sport nutrition tips?

  1. Have a meal plan for the week.
  2. Drink plenty of fluids
  3. Enjoy your cheat day

What are your top three training tips?

  1. Work hard
  2. Train your weaknesses as well as your strengths
  3. Have a focus/goal for each session