GB Para-Swimmer, Matt Wylie

Matt Wylie Paralympic Games Rio 2016 Landscape.jpg

How did you get involved with swimming?
I broke my leg at age 9 and it was part of my rehabilitation.

What is your best achievement so far?
Paralympic champion S9 50 Free / European champion S9 50 free.

What are your ambitions for the rest of 2016 and beyond?
To start the next 4-year cycle in preparation for Tokyo.

Who are your sporting / non-sporting role models?
Matthew Cowdrey S9 Australian.

Tell us something that most people don't know about you?
I adopted/sponsored a Polar Bear. I love polar bears. I have polar bear bedding.

What are you top three sport nutrition tips?

1. Nothing is neutral, everything adds or takes away value.
2. Eat seven fruit and veg a day. The more colours the better.
3. If you unsure if it’s bad, it is probably bad.

What are your top three training tips?

1. Don’t do more, do it better.
2. Always be on time and be prepared.
3. The little things matter.