Visiting Volendam and the Beet It Ladies Cycling Team 

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We sent Beet It JC over to Voldendam to watch the Dutch Beet It Ladies Cycling Team in the Tour of Volendam. Read his report!

Dutch Beet It Ladies Team

Dutch Beet It Ladies Team

As the Beet It Sport Specialist and keen cyclist, I was eager to gain an insight into the cycling utopia of the Netherlands, particularly to visit the town of Volendam to see our Dutch Beet It and Beet It Sport distributor Rene Shuitemaker and the Beet It Ladies Cycling Team

In 2011, Rene Shuitemaker and Carlo Raaijmakers founded the Beet It Ladies Cycling Team with Lily Shuitemaker (Rene’s daughter) and Marit Raaijmakers (Carlo’s daughter) both aged 12yrs. Over the last six years the Beet It Ladies have grown to a team of six riders; Marit Raaijmakers, Lily Shuitemaker, Amber Van der Hulst, Myléne de Zoete, Bente van Teeseling and Marit Cent. The Beet It Ladies frequent the middle podium in track and road competitions across Europe, travelling in the brilliantly branded Beet It team car and Beet It campervan

The Tour of Volendam consists of attractive rounds of 20-60km races with a combination of wide roads and well-rounded turns of both smooth tarmac and cobbled bricks. It was wonderful to see local youth riders have their experience of racing around the track. 

The Beet It Ladies got underway and Marit Raaijmakers made an early breakaway from the peloton with two riders from Australia and Indonesia. Meanwhile the other Beet It Ladies began to make headway in the peloton, applying pressure on the group to up the pace in chase of the breakaway. A smooth rolling rotation of the breakaway group allowed greater energy efficiency to preserve the gap from the peloton. Last lap was called and winning was on the agenda for the breakaway group. 

In the wide run-up approach to the finish line (below), Marit Raaijmakers showed true class and outsprinted her Australian competitor to take the victory! Amber van der Hulst crossed solo in 4th, followed by Lily Shuitemaker in 5th, Myléne de Zoete in 6th, Marit Cent in 10th with Bente van Teeseling crossing after having technical issues and bike switches. This was a fantastic result for the Beet It Ladies Cycling Team in Rene and Lily’s hometown of Volendam! 


The day was topped off with delicious BBQ food in great company at Rene’s house in Volendam – a toast to success!

The Beet It Ladies aim to become professional in 2018. Their training competitions do not stop, so make sure to like and follow their Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts for exciting updates! Also keep an eye on our website for more insight from the team.

Thanks to Rene for the hospitality - I had a wonderful time and I wish you all the best of luck with upcoming competitions.

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