Obstacle Course Runner, Jade Skillen


Why do you use Beet It Sport?

I use Beet It Sport because I watched a documentary on it with cyclists and how it has such an impact on endurance. I thought I would try it and the first 2-3 races, I noticed a difference. That was just taking on board a couple of the shot size servings so now I wouldn’t race without it!


How did you get involved in obstacle course racing?

I got involved in obstacle course racing because I was asked to take part with a friend around 4 years ago. I previously played professional football for Tottenham and West Ham Ladies, once I stopped playing, I needed something competitive to take its place!

What was the main appeal of obstacle running?

The appeal was how different it was to running – the feeling on the start line and the variety of fitness needed from strength, to cardio, to agility.

Do you have an athlete role model who has inspired you?

I am actually really inspired by Lindsey Webster, she is an obstacle course racing (OCR) world champion and I follow her training techniques daily. I am inspired by her!

What area of training are you most working on for the World Champs?

For the World Championships I am working on HILL running. There’s A LOT of climbing in the World’s, Lake Tahoe. I think around 4,200ft of elevation so it’s going to be tough! I am also working on heavy carries too.

Tell us something that most people don’t know about you?

Most people don’t realise that I’m only 4 foot 11 until they meet me! (haha!)

What are your top three sport nutrition tips?

  1. Never skip breakfast. I always fuel up at breakfast with high amounts of protein.
  2. Keep your “processed food” intake to a minimum, as well as un-natural sugars!
  3. Don’t underestimate hydration.

What are your top three training tips?

  1. REST – make sure you take time OUT of training to rest. Take a walk, don’t be afraid of REST days.
  2. Sleep well. The muscles rebuild when we are at rest and sleeping plays a huge role in fitness and recovery.
  3. Never underestimate the strength of your body. You are always capable of more.

Can you give us an insight into your race strategy – nutrition fuelling, hydration management?

My race strategy is focused on energy SLOW release carbs PRE session or PRE endurance events. I always have rice the night before a race when putting my kit out on the side the night before. I always take on board electrolytes and 1L of water the morning before a race. I cannot race without Beet it Juice. I keep stocked up and take on board Beet it Juice around 48 hours leading up to a major event. The morning of a race I tend to have a homemade Chia pud for breakfast made the night before from Chia Seeds and Coconut milk!

Who are the most important people in your life?

My family and partner mean everything to me. My nan has ALWAYS inspired me – from standing on the sideline at football matches to ringing me the night before a race. My clients are so important too, they are always supporting me. My friends and my special boy, Ronnie – my dog!