GB Rower, Sara Parfett

I use Beet It to enhance my performance for training and competitions. I had heard about the benefits of increased nitrate consumption and was keen to try it and I had good results on both the erg and the water with Beet It, so I have incorporated it in to my pre race routine.
— Sara Parfett
Sara Parfett GB Rower Beet It Sport Ambassador.jpg

How did you get involved with rowing?

I was at the University of Bath training with the performance swim team when I was talent-spotted for the GB Start rowing trials. After I successfully passed the tests I was given a boat and taught to scull (the one with two oars, but we call them blades), regularly going on camps to Nottingham and training with other GB Start rowers from across the country. I have since moved to Imperial College Boat Club, where I learnt to sweep (the one with one blade) and I still love it, although I occasionally sneak back in the pool.

Best rowing or sport related achievement so far?

The best so far has been winning the British Championships this year in the elite women’s eight. Although winning women’s Henley in a quad was pretty cool too.

What are your ambitions for 2016 and beyond?

In September I am starting a Masters degree at King’s College London, in addition to working hard on my course, I am excited to be competing at university events again, such as British and European university regattas. I also hope to improve on my previous performances at the GB national team trials and hopefully compete for my country again.

Who are your sporting & non-sporting role models and why?

I don’t have any role models really as I respect all competitors and athletes at every level as you can learn something from everyone and use them to push yourself every day, and I apply this in both a sporting and academic sense.

What are your top three sport nutrition tips?

  1. Eggs are your best friend.
  2. Don’t eat seafood the night before a competition.
  3. Don’t stress about your nutrition.

What are your top three training tips?

  1. Don’t ignore your body, if you need a rest day take it.
  2. Enjoy your training!
  3. Make small goals that lead into your big season or yearly goal.

How important to you is it that Beet It is natural?

It’s great that it is 100% organic with no hidden additives, as when competing you need to know exactly what you are fuelling your body with.

Which of our products do you use the most and why?

I love the Beet It Sport Shots and Flapjacks as they are so easy to use and to pack for training and competitions. But the Beet It Sport Nitrate 3000 is great to have at home in the fridge to make up daily.