Paddle Boarder, Jonathan Roberts

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Why do you use Beet It Sport?

I find the Beet It Shots excellent for fuelling me for long distance training and competitions. The science is proven and I am definitely finding it giving me the edge, fatiguing less but still maintaining the intensity.


Jonathan Roberts is a paddle boarder currently in Denmark representing Wales in the World Championships. Competing in the SUP (stand up paddleboarding) Distance Racing Event, Jonathan’s training varies from flat water to open ocean and wave riding.

Jonathan is also a Sports Science lecturer with 25 years lecturing experience.

How did you get involved in paddle boarding?

Have always had a background in water sports, surfing and kitesurfing etc, but two years ago I took up the sport of SUP (stand up paddle boarding) following diagnosis of severe arthritis in both hips due to hip impingement. I was looking for something with minimal impact but still, would keep me fit and be on the water. SUP was the answer.

What does competitive paddle boarding entail?

Competitive paddle boarding involves training 5/6 times a week carrying out a variety of training methods involving interval, continuous, fartlek training, but also on a variety of different water terrains from flatwater to waves. Races can be technical or distance based. I compete in a UK (SUP- stand up paddleboarding) series which has approximately 8-10 races over the season, but there are also lots of other races outside the UK series.

The boards we use are 12”6 or 14 long and approx. 25” wide and are generally full carbon fibre.

What advice would you give someone who is considering taking up paddle boarding?
Have some lessons first as a taster, but most people really take to it fairly quickly and end up buying their own board. It’s a great crossover activity for any sport and an excellent core strength workout.

Favourite paddle boarding destination?


Aspirations in paddle boarding for 2017 and beyond?

To successfully compete at the World Championships in Denmark in September and be regularly achieving podium spots in my board and age category On the UK series.

Tell us something that most people don’t know about you?

I had a full hip replacement last Summer, but have since successfully qualified for the World Championships.

What are your top three sport nutrition tips?

  1. Protein is key for recovery. Make sure you are getting at least 20g protein in at least 30 mins post exercise.
  2. I am finding for Endurance exercise a High fat/low carb diet is working well for me. But make sure it is the correct fats, nuts, avocado, oily fish etc.
  3. Try Beet it sport for endurance activities. I am finding the Beet It Sport shots a real benefit for activities lasting 90 mins plus.

What are your top three training tips?

  1. You only get out what you put it in. So make sure the Sessions are intense as you need.
  2. Recovery is Key, don’t overtrain.
  3. Enjoyment – try to incorporate other cross training activities.

Can you give us an insight into your race strategy – nutrition fuelling, hydration management?

I make sure I have a well balanced diet and am generally well hydrated as a start. I try and pace myself as well as possible, I try to eat and drink regularly whilst paddling throughout the race. Eating is difficult whilst you are paddling so try to use energy/caffeine gels. Will use electrolyte capsules as well in my camelback hydration pack particularly if you sweat a lot.