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For the best Bloody Mary ever... every time!

Making a great Bloody Mary can be frustratingly difficult to get right. With so many ingredients it is easy to misjudge the quantities. Our solution: Big Tom – guaranteed to get it spot on... every time. And as a bonus it turns out to be a deliciously filling and low calorie drink on its own – even without the vodka!

Rich, hearty and organic

We are proud to be the UK’s first and only pressers of beetroot juice. We are also very fortunate that East Anglia has the ideal climate and soil for growing beetroot such that it is possible for them to be grown for us organically, free from artificial fertilisers and pesticides.

Beet your personal best!

Beet It Sport is a range of award-winning natural nitrate products made from concentrated beetroot juice. Our Beet It Sport products are Informed-Sport certified and consistently provide an adequate dose of dietary nitrate per serving (400mg). Our Beet It Sport shots have been extensively adopted by both the research community (over 300 universities and research institutions worldwide) and the elite sports world (over 150 professional sports teams). Beet It Sport products are available as 70ml Nitrate 400 shot, 250ml Nitrate 3000 super concentrate or 210g Nitrate 8000 crystals.

Little drinks with a big zing!

A Zinger is an intense little drink with a lively flavour, designed to wake you up with a zing. All our Zinger range varieties are made with 100% natural ingredients and no preservatives, artificial colours or flavours.

Classic apple juices from English orchards!

We started pressing our Classic range of single variety apple juices (Bramley, Cox and Russet) in 1989. They were our first products and set the standard for everything else that has followed. Using techniques borrowed from the wine industry, we filter the juices clear immediately after pressing; this ensures we capture the full fresh taste and aroma of the apples – each with their distinctive character. The extended range also includes Apple & Elderflower and Apple & Summer Berries.

Pressed to perfection

We have been producing our cloudy, unfiltered organic fruit juices for almost 25 years. Right from the start we have been accredited by the Soil Association, the UK’s leading organic body. We added our vegetable juice range about 15 years ago and these have proved increasingly popular as tastes and attitudes have changed in the UK.

A delightful non-alcoholic alternative

Our Great Uncle Cornelius range just got a revamp! Step back in time with our new 'Refresher's range of refreshing summer favourites - Ginger Refresher and Lemon Refresher, sample a quintessentially English favourite - Rhubarb, or warm the cockles of your heart with our Famous Spiced Ginger!

A delightful non-alcoholic alternative

The 'Great Uncle' to all of our brands. Step back in time and warm the cockles of your heart with our Famous Spiced Ginger! Our ginger refresher is the perfect lunchtime drink. But it works as well with a generous splash of whisky as a ginger Mac. Alternatively, you can mix it with some refreshing ginger beer for an unforgettable mocktail. Made with real pressed ginger juice and natural ginger flavouring to strengthen the taste, it is vegan and gluten free.

Perfectly concentrated hedgerow-inspired cordials

Our Thorncroft cordials are plant-based cordials with a hedgerow theme and an emphasis on fine natural flavours. Our cordial supremo ensures we maintain their provenance, quality and above all, homemade feel. With strong dilution ratios – you can make up to 3½ litres per bottle – they are great value!