Beet It Timeline

Take a look back at the history of Beet It. Learn where we've come from and see which events have influenced the development of our range.

  • James White Drinks start bottling beetroot juice

    James White Organic Beetroot Juice is born in 75cl & 25cl bottles.

    Product listed with major distributors and by the end of the year is listed in Waitrose.

  • Listed in second major retailer

    James White Organic Beetroot Juice is listed by Sainsbury’s supermarket.

  • Approached by scientists

    James White Drinks approached by a team of scientists who wanted to test the properties of natural dietary nitrate found in beetroot juice specifically for the impact of lowering blood pressure.

  • Rebranded to Beet It

    First paper by Prof. Amrita Alhuwalia from the William Harvey Research Institute at Barts Hospital in London is published.

    Product re-branded as Beet It, marking the beginning of the range as we know it today!

    First sports based research paper released by Prof. Andy Jones of Exeter University.

    All major supermarkets start to stock the product.

  • England Rugby trial the product

    Two Daily Mail and Daily Mirror run large editorials based around the health benefits of the nitrate in beetroot juice on lowering blood pressure.

    This coverage leads to England Rugby trialling the juice but the volume of liquid represents a problem. This leads to the development of the 7cl concentrated shot.

  • Beetroot Placebo developed

    New product – 1L tetra launched and is stocked by all the major British supermarkets.

    Our team work with Prof. Andy Jones of Exeter University to develop a 7cl beetroot placebo to aid the development of the research in blind cross over trials.

    Health Food Business Award Winner – Beet It

  • What a year for beetroot!

    2012 London Olympics labelled the ‘Beetroot Games’ due to the amount of athletes using beetroot in their diet or more importantly, drinking Beet It! David Weir being quoted in the Guardian as beetroot being the secret to his success.

    Natural Pharmacy Awards, Best Sports Nutrition & Fitness – Beet It Nitrate 400

    Free From Food Awards Winner – Beet It Stamina Shot

    Beet It Nitrate 3000 introduced to further strengthen the sport range.

    Beet It Organic range expanded with ginger and passionfruit blends.

    £1.5 million state of the art new pressing plant and storage facility opened helped with a grant from the EEC.

  • And rest.

    The Guild of Fine Foods, Great Taste Award – Beet It with Ginger

  • Running Bug Approved

    Beet It Sport range announced as Running Bug approved.

    Beet It Sport Nitrate 400 wins World Beverage Innovation Award Best Sports or Fitness Drink

  • Channel 4 exposure for Beet It

    January – Paper published from Prof. Ahluwalia and her team announcing that a 250ml (25cl) glass of beetroot juice and/or a high nitrate vegetable rich diet can work almost as well blood pressure medication. Article featured in The Times reporting the findings.

    The same month, Prof. Andy Jones featured on the Channel 4 documentary ‘Food Unwrapped’. Presenter Kate Quilton took a test to exhaustion on a Watt Bike by drinking a placebo 7cl shot on one day and a 7cl Beet It Sport Nitrate 400 Shot on the other. The results were announced on the show and she showed a 4% gain! More buzz!

    Waitrose Championing British – Highly Commended Award – Beet It, Awarded for our support of British Agriculture in the growing of British Beetroots through our development and support or the pioneering scientific research.

  • Hello the Rio Olympic and Paralympic games!

    The new Beet It Sport flapjack (40g) is launched and is available from all good sports nutrition online stockists. A delicious light and juicy flapjack that provides c200mg of natural dietary nitrate.

    An exciting and successful Rio Olympic and Paralympic games with many athletes using Beet It Sport products including gold medal winners Shona McCallin and Matt Wylie.

    Our Beet It Sport and Organic shots are finalists in the Holistic Therapist Magazine Business Awards 2016.

  • Beet It Sport partner with the NN Running Team

    Beet It Sport becomes the official partner to the NN Running Team, consisting of 60 elite athletes from 11 different countries – including Olympic Marathon champion, Eliud Kipchoge, and the all-time number two marathoner, Kenenisa Bekele.

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