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Little drinks with a big zing!

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Zinger - little drinks with a big zing from James White Drinks - Zinger

Little drinks with a big zing!

Spring is here and our Zingers have been given a fresh new look!

Made with finest pressed ginger, turmeric, lime and apple juices, these fiery vegan shots make a lively and invigorating alternative to the ubiquitous sugar laden soft drinks generally on offer.

Free from preservatives, colourings, gluten and artificial flavourings, Zingers are a great pick me up for any time of day or night.

Why Zinger

Packed full of plain, simple and high quality ingredients, with no added sugar and free from preservatives or artificial colours.

The healthy option

The healthy option

The perfect alternative to sugary and caffeine loaded drinks

Pressed not powder

Pressed not powder

Our secret for such strong flavours: we use pressed ginger & turmeric juice instead of powder!

Royal Warrant

Royal Warrant

Our Zinger shots are part of the James White family, which was granted a Royal Warrant in 2002.

I love Zinger shots because they are so refreshing! It's a great alternative from caffeinated drinks and I feel they are healthy.


I first started drinking them when I was quite tired at university and felt that my immune system was low. When I drink them I notice that I have a bit more energy during the day. I usually drink them in the morning so that it gives me a boost for the rest of the day


What I like the most about Zinger shots is that they don't feel as sugary as most drinks out there. The ginger shot is my favourite and I love how powerful the taste is!


I am yet to find a better product to give me a natural boost when I get tired in the afternoon. The flavours are amazing too!