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BEET IT Sport concentrated beetroot shot bottle

The BEET IT brand has rapidly established itself in the sporting world and is already a firm favourite of the UK's sporting elite, being increasingly adopted by many international sportsmen, women and teams. Each 70ml shot and 60g bar contains 0.4g of dietary nitrate.

Made from concentrated beetroot juice cut with lemon juice - nothing else!

Introducing the NEW BEET IT SPORT pro-elite bar

Contains 0.4g natural dietary nitrate • Equivalent to one Beet It SPORT shot • 50% oats – slow release energy • Great tasting - find out more »



BEET IT on Tour!

Come and see us at events and exhibitions round the country.

James White Drinks will be heading to East Anglia Trade Catering & Hospitality Expo at Trinity Park Ipswich between 19 - 20 March. Sponsored by Shire Foods of Norfolk the show highlights the best producers in East Anglia. If you are interested in using our products in your business why not pop by and try some of our delicious juices?.

Find out more at ».



Be aware: Drinking beetroot juice may turn your urine pink; this is perfectly normal!