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Tony Revell

Tony Revell

Tony Revell is an ex-Elite Cross Country Mountain Bike athlete and current Pro Hyrox athlete. Tony has a host of victories in both cycling and Hyrox and most notably holds the World Record for a Hyrox event wearing a 10kg backpack in London, whilst raising money for MacMillan Charity.

“I’m a true believer in the benefits of Beet It Sport and in the build up to race days when I up my daily dosage I feel I have that extra fire in my belly and an enhanced endurance when I push through to new highs.” – Toney Revell
1. How did you get involved in Hyrox?
I joined a local CrossFit box, Luma Fitness back at the start of 2022. They are also a Hyrox gym affiliate and introduced me to Hyrox. I soon realised it played to my strengths. From there the seed was planted and just grows and grows.
2. What is your greatest sporting achievement?
I’ve come from an Elite Cross Country Mountain Bike background. Through the years I achieved many podiums to be proud of whilst sat on a bike. But to date one of my proudest victories was my Hamburg Hyrox Pro overall from the back as an underdog. Another great moment this year was breaking the World Record for a Hyrox whilst wearing a 10kg Backpack in London whilst raising money for the MacMillan Charity.
3. Who was your biggest sporting inspiration growing up?
I grew up a big Motocross racing fan and always admired athletes who stood out from the crowd and weren’t afraid to stand out from the crowd. Travis Pastranna was like a hero to me 🤩
4. What is the best thing about competing in Hyrox?
Where do I start…. Firstly, after losing my cycling passion during lockdown, it was amazing to find Hyrox and let it pull me out of a mental sporting block, giving me motivation to train and feel the adrenaline from racing again. Along my journey I have met so many amazing athletes whom I now call friends.
5. What motivates you to train and compete at the highest level?
I am an incredibly competitive person, along with being an adrenaline junky addicted to the thrill of the race. I know my body and have a passion for pushing myself further than what others believe is capable.
6. What advice would you give to someone looking to take up Hryox seriously?
Train with purpose. Find yourself a local gym community to train with or if not get online find yourself a coach or Hyrox training plan to help give you some direction. Get used to feeling uncomfortable, strengthen your mind and surround yourself with positive people who believe in you as much as you believe in yourself.Then go get it.
7. If you could be a professional athlete in any other sport, which sport would it be and why?
I’ve come from an Elite level cycling background and raced motocross to a good expert level in my younger days. … I would love to be a professional CrossFit athlete. I train CrossFit alongside my hyrox plan. I have such admiration for how versatile you must be in the sport and how they are always raising the bar of what is humanly possible.
8. Describe your perfect weekend.
A perfect weekend for me would be a Hyrox race weekend with my wife and I going on our adventures traveling to different cities across the UK and Europe. Catching up with friends from the Hyrox community. Doing my thing on the dance floor. Then home to recover and have a lazy Sunday out for a dog walk enjoying the great outdoors with my wife and 3 kids. Finished off with a lovely home cooked Sunday roast.
9. What are your main reasons for recommending Beet It Sport?
I was introduced to the cardiovascular benefits of beetroot juice in sport back in my early cycling days and how been drinking it for years. Now Beet It have let the cat out of the bag it’s time for me to share my secret with the world.
10.Anything additional you would like to say about Beet It Sport?
I’m a true believer in the benefits of Beet It Sport and in the build up to race days when I up my daily dosage I feel I have that extra fire in my belly and an enhanced endurance when I push through to new highs. Thank you Beet It Sport.
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