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David ‘Jacko’ Jackson

David ‘Jacko’ Jackson

December 2023 Ambassador 

David ‘Jacko’ Jackson is an ex-professional rugby player turned ultra runner with a passion for the benefits of science based and research backed breathing techniques. Jacko has been using Beet It Sport products since 2015 and continues to use the products for his ultra marathon events.

Getting to know you

1) How did you get involved in ultra running?

It was several years after a brain injury forced me to retire from professional rugby back in 2013 that I was able to take up running. In 2020 I started running 5km’s to help me work on my breathing and exercise tolerance. In 2021 I ran my first trail marathon in Suffolk and then in 2022 took part in my first multi day ultra marathon The Ring O Fire 216km over 3 days around the coastal path of Anglesey.

2) Can you explain what Oxygen Advantage entails?

The Oxygen Advantage is science based and research backed breathing techniques, exercises and protocols designed to improve physical and mental performance, recovery, and well-being.

3) What running achievement are you most proud of?

Finishing the Ring O Fire when at the start of day 3 I couldn’t get out of bed and was crying my eyes out in the race briefing for the final day after my wife and sister-in-law managed to get into the start line!

4) What motivates you to take ultra running challenges?

The people you meet and the journey you go on yourself to learn how much more you are physically and mentally capable of!

5) What are your aspirations for running in 2024 and beyond?

In 2025 or 2026 I would love to run the entire UK costal path, which is around 8,800km, so would take around 3 to 4 months if you can do 60+km each day… so that is a long-term goal. Short term for 2024 to build up that type of capacity is to continue with ultra marathons in beautiful locations, so Snowdon 24 hrs and The Eryri Ultra Trail Marathon are in the menu for 2024.

6) Where in the world would you most like to run an ultra-marathon?

Snowdonia – we moved to North Wales in July 2023 to be near the sea and the mountains! Now Yr Wyddfa aka Snowdon is in our ‘back garden’!

7) Tell us something most people don’t know about you.

I’m a qualified science teacher… I did my teaching degree after my master’s in engineering when I was playing rugby semi-professionally so I could manage my studies.

8) How do you keep mentally focused during ultra-marathon events?

Focus on the breath. The speed and sound of the breath as well as the movement of ribcage and diaphragm keeps me centred by also optimally breathing.

9) Where did you hear about Beet It Sport products?

I first used the products over 15 years ago when I was playing professional rugby and loved how much better I felt especially in pre-season using the beet it shot around our anaerobic conditioning sessions!

10) Why do you use Beet It Sport shots?

I love how the Beet It Sport shots make me feel I have an increase in aerobic capacity, and I love the taste of the Regen that helps my recovery times.

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