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Gary Thwaites

Gary Thwaites

Gary Thwaites is an accomplished ultra-marathon and trail runner who co-hosts the "Tea and Trails" podcast. Through this platform, he engages with a wide audience in the running community, sharing experiences, stories, and advice, fostering a sense of camaraderie and support among runners worldwide.

1. How did you first become interested in trail and ultra-marathon running?
I was fundraising for MND and went looking for marathons local-ish to me and I stumbled upon the Hardmoors Trail Marathon series. Before that, I didn’t know anything about official trail races or ultra-marathons, but once I set foot on the Yorkshire trails there was no going back.
2. What has been your most memorable running experience or race?
100%, the Bob Graham Round. It was a three-year adventure with friends old and new. One failed attempt, but it just made the successful attempt even more precious.
3. Who has been a major influence or inspiration in your running journey?
All the runners out there who are juggling life, fitting in training, and pushing themselves to the limit.
4. What unique challenges do you find in trail and ultra-marathon running compared to other types of running events?
So many uncontrollable. You could enter the same race every year, but the weather and conditions make every race feel unique.
5. How do you stay motivated and focused during long, challenging races?
The race is the best bit! Once the nerves fade away it’s time to enjoy those miles. If I do find myself struggling, then I’ll share the miles with another runner. Also, eat lots of food. Many a time my mood has dipped because I have neglected nutrition.
6. If you could give one piece of advice to someone new to trail or ultra-marathon running, what would it be?
Take it easy. Don’t burn bright then fall out of love with running. I see a lot of runners race every week, taking on bigger and tougher challenges and then after a few years, disappear. If you play it right, you can enjoy the trails for so much longer.
7. Besides running, what other outdoor activities do you enjoy?
I love going for a walk with my family and my dog Rex. It’s even better if there is a coffee and cake stop too!
8. How does hosting the "Tea and Trails" podcast enrich your experience in the running community?
The Tea & Trails listeners have created a super supportive space and it’s a pleasure to be part of it. Listeners have become friends, runners from all over the world reach out and share their stories and offer support. I’ve never been part of anything that serves a community and it’s a treat.
9. In what ways has Beet It Sport impacted your training and performance in endurance events?
I’ve used BEET-IT products for most of my road marathons. It’s part of my lead-up and on-the-day supplementation. Anything that increases the oxygen supply to my muscles gets a thumbs-up from me.
10. Could you share a favourite story or moment when Beet It Sport really made a difference in your running or training?
2019 London Marathon. I supplemented with BEET-IT Sports before the race. I controlled all the controllable and executed a perfect day resulting in a PB.
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