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Ollie Dewsbury

Ollie Dewsbury

Ollie Dewsbury is a bright prospect for Welsh football who currently plays for Bristol Rovers U16s Academy and Wales U16s. He scored his first international goal against South Korea this year and is dedicated to being the best he can be in the sport.
1. How did you first get involved in playing football?
I was playing at a local grass routes team from age 4 years old. At 6 years old I went on trial with Bristol Rovers Academy I was signed and have been there ever since, I am now playing U16s.

2. What is your greatest sporting achievement to date?
Scoring a goal against South Korea while playing for Wales U15s in Croatia in May 2023.

3. Who is your biggest sporting inspiration and why?
Ronaldo – his dedication and professionalism.

4. What is the best thing about competing in football?
The thrill of winning a game.

5. What motivates you to train and compete at the highest level?
Wanting to be able to provide for my family. I try and be the best I can be.

6. If you could be a professional athlete in any other sport, which sport would it be and why?
Golf – as I enjoy playing and find it very peaceful (when I play well 😆)

7. Describe your perfect weekend.
Winning football match on Saturday, man united winning and playing 18s hole of golf on Sunday.

8. What are your main reasons for recommending Beet It Sport?
I conducted lots of research and the benefits were impressive so I tried this and find it is really good at helping with endurance.

9.Anything additional you would like to say about Beet It Sport?
I use this as I find the benefits are amazing.
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