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Beet It Organic

Beet back the clock with 100% pressed beet juice

You won’t find anything but natural goodness inside our all-natural beet juice. We keep the ingredients pure and simple: 90% beet juice blended with 10% apple juice to add a bit of smoothness to the rich, earthy flavor of beets. Beet It beet juice is a perfect refresher for health-conscious folks of all ages.

Rich, hearty and organic

‘Beet’ is a buzz word at the moment. Yet we’ve been bottling organic beet juice for over fourteen years! Sweeter than you might think, our beet juice makes a deliciously flavoursome drink. Beet It is a lacto-fermented juice; this explain why it tastes smoother and has much less sediment than most other beetroot juices. This fermentation process is similar to that used in such super foods as Kefir and other pro-biotic foods.

Enjoy Beet It juice for breakfast, on its own or in your smoothie. Our Beet It beet juice is available in 25.4 oz glass and 8.5 oz PET bottles.

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