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Beet It Sport

Guaranteed nitrate from concentrated beetroot juice.


Geoffrey Kamworor
NN Running Team athlete and 2017 NYC Marathon Champion


A nitrate supplement you can trust

Our Beet It Sport products are used by hundreds of professional sports teams worldwide from a variety of sporting disciplines for improved sports performance.

We ensure every product contains a standardised dose of dietary nitrate so athletes and researchers know exactly how much dietary nitrate they are getting every time.

Beet It Sport is Informed Sport accredited and backed by almost a decade of independent scientific research from over 200 universities worldwide – integrity, authenticity and credibility you can trust.


David Weir, six-time Paralympic champion & eight-time London Marathon winner.

"I must admit I was sceptical, but I immediately noticed a significant improvement in my performance from the first time I tried the Beet It shot. Ever since then it’s been an integral part of my training regime and I couldn’t imagine competing without it."


All Beet It Sport products are Informed Sport certified.


Backed by Research


For almost a decade we have been supplying institutes and universities around the world with our beetroot juice and concentrate for research into the effects of dietary nitrate. 

Professor Andy Jones of Exeter University (@AndyBeetroot) has lead the way using beetroot juice for more than eight years for sports performance research. 

WATCH: Professor Andy Jones explains the main physiological outcomes of consuming natural nitrate for sports performance.

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Beet It Sport is made in Suffolk by James White Drinks

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